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Using a Writing for Wellness Approach to Give Your Message a Voice

I am a Wellness Coach, Publishing Consultant, a #1international bestselling author, and a 2x national bestselling author who uses a writing for wellness approach to encourage holistic creativity and purposeful productivity for writers, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs. Through workshops, courses, and consulting, I help women in business perfect their writing skills that may ultimately lead to published work.


I've combined my holistic approach to life, my love for words, and my passion for teaching to educate and inspire others to be well in order to do well. Writing is a great way to shift your perspective and create exciting opportunities to help you improve productivity, increase creativity, and invest in your well-being.

Wellness Guides

I understand the grind and the desire to make your business and life work harmoniously. But, often, business owners and entrepreneurs are working solo or with small teams. You may have a family to support or dreams you're chasing. Before you know it, you're completely lost in the business ownership sauce.

Giving yourself permission to pause will help you push the reset button and take a much-needed mental, emotional, physical, and sometimes social break.

Take advantage of printables and wellness guides that are designed to help you take a breath, spark your creativity, and be more productive.


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