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Publishing Consulting

Publishing your work does not have to be stressful. On the contrary, it can be a fun learning experience to help you establish your business as an author or an authorpreneur. Our publishing consulting services are designed to create a positive, memorable experience as you learn skills that will establish a unique brand. We want to help you make smart decisions and connect you with professionals that can help you bring your work to life. In addition, we help you self-publish your book by providing you with the resources and tools you need to publish easily and affordably without compromising the quality of the message you desire to convey. 

Let us help you find your path to releasing your message into the world. Schedule a discovery call to learn how to publish your books without pressure.

Consulting Packages

We offer 2 different packages to cater and customize to your needs. 

1. Authopreneur Package - Building an Author Business

This package includes 4 months of personalized guidance on the steps needed to establish YOUR imprint and publish your book.

2. Author Accelerator - DIY Customized Package

This package includes a step-by-step, customized self-publishing guide for the DIYer.

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