Feeling the Presence of God in My Life

Updated: Nov 26

No matter what happens in my life, God continues to be present in every area of my life.

There are times when my days are just so frustrating and I just feel so mentally and physically exhausted.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Have you had one of those days lately?  A day where you can’t even smile because you just don’t have the energy?

I thought about this exhaustion for a while and simply concluded that not only was my mental and physical affected but my spiritual as well. I woke up late yesterday.  I literally hopped out of bed before heading to my desk in my home office.  I had to be online for 8:00 am and really just woke up in time to brush my teeth. That’s it!

All Over The Place

I was a sore for sight eyes.  I know that makes no sense but you get the picture.  I started brewing a pot of coffee while opening 10 programs and spreadsheets on my laptop.  I put the TV on for a little noise to work to and started my super aggravating day.  I do mean, aggravating.  With countless email notifications popping up and unwanted calls coming in, I grit my brushed teeth and was determined to make it through the day. I really couldn’t understand why I was so tense and on edge all day.  Yes, I considered that the coffee probably made me a little tense but I always drink coffee.

How Could I Forget

It wasn’t until the TV went off, the kids went to bed and total silence took over my house that I realized that I’ve spent zero time with the Father.

I was so consumed with being busy that I forgot about Him.  After realizing I went the entire day without communing with the Lord, I got a little disappointed in myself.  I’ve really been trying to manage my time and make Him my number one priority every day.  I know that my days are often filled with anxiety, frustration, aggravation or some feeling that will allow something to get under my skin when I don’t commune with God. But then I remembered something.  Although I missed my opportunity to talk and to listen this morning, God was available and present all day and He actually did speak and He listened.  He heard every concern I had (and yes, my complaints too) and found ways to reach my heart through different ways.  The Holy Spirit comforted me through my 9-year old son’s hugs and my 3-year old son’s “I love you” when they heard the numerous deep breaths I took throughout the day.  I felt His love when my husband and I laughed and spent time together.  My husband is the only person I know that can laugh with me, at me, and at himself at the same time.  I love him for that in addition to many other reasons. The Lord heard my deepest concerns when I spoke to my Mom on the phone.  I mean, that woman can reach God through her prayers and I know