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Be Well to Do Well

Creativity is a skill and it can be improved by approaching it holistically.  As a leader, focusing on being well can make a drastic difference in how well you do.  Adopting a more mind-body approach to creativity can help to improve your overall quality of life. This approach forces you to shift perspectives and see every part of your life as important pieces to one great puzzle.  The puzzle can never be complete if any of the pieces are lost.  Each piece of the puzzle is necessary for the puzzle to be whole.

Although it is important for leaders to expand their creative abilities for themselves, it is equally important for them to provide the space for their teams to do so. Whether you're sharing a workspace or working from home, incorporating functional movement, prioritizing healthy nutrition, establishing a morning routine, creating a clean and organized space, and focusing on social-emotional health are only a few ways to help those creative juices flow. 

Are you interested in harnessing creative leadership or even just an introduction to a more holistic approach to creative wellness?  Great!


My new book, Be Well to Do Well will release March 2022 and in it, you will learn how to be The Creativity CEO™ of your company and your team.  Vist LaFleur Anders & Co. to sign up for more information.