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Signature Workshops & Courses

Virtual & In-Person

Be Well to Do Well: Prioritizing Well-Being Over Well-Doing in Your Daily Life

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the importance of prioritizing well-being over well-doing. It is easy to get lost in trying to be "successful" and abandon our personal needs while doing so. This workshop primarily focuses on emotional, social, mental, and physical well-being. However, various other dimensions of wellness will also be discussed.

​Business Writing: Conscious, Clear, and Inclusive Writing

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how the messages or communication with your internal and external customers can greatly impact your reputation, sales, and profitability. Using conscious, clear, and inclusive language ensures your commitment to socially conscious practices and establishes your business as responsible and accepting.

Writing for Wellness: Using Writing as a Tool for Healing

In this interactive workshop, you will learn how writing can help you heal. Transferring your emotions from your mind and heart to paper can take you from being broken and confused to being confident and refreshed. You will gain clarity and reclaim your sense of wholeness to move forward.

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My Holistic Approach

I am a true believer in collaborating with women in business to spark holistic creativity and purposeful productivity. I believe all things are connected and growth or healing in one area leads to growth or healing in another. I encourage women to actively participate in their healing while taking the time to unplug and dive deep into their recovery. This approach is beneficial to both their professional and personal lives. One of the most effective ways to practice unplugging and recovering is through writing.

How does writing help? It allows you to move through your professional and personal challenges by giving yourself time to process them and then to grow. Whether you choose to use journaling as a tool or you're collaborating on a business writing project, writing can be used as a way to relax, reflect, and connect emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally. My holistic approach will take you through a creative process to increase productivity while we also implement well-being lifestyle changes.

Together we can educate, empower and inspire your readers, customers, clients, and/or your team to lead whole, creative, and productive lives. 

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