K. LaFleur-Anders

Wife. Mom. Wellness Advocate. 3x Bestselling Author. Consultant. Speaker. Podcaster. Foodie. Coffee-crazed, football fanatic. 

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What's My Story?

I will give you the Reader’s Digest version of who I am because this could take a while. I am a denim-wearing, football-loving, chocolate-craving country girl from Louisiana who has called Central Texas home for 14 years. I am incredibly random which fuels my sense of humor. I think I just love seeing other people smile. I am crazy about my family and passionate about encouraging women to invest in themselves. I have reached the season in life where I am addicted to peace and laughter. My addiction started to change my perspective on life. My perspective started to influence my environment. My environment made me hit my wellness reset button which brought me back to writing. As far as passion and purpose, writing has always been my first love.

A couple of years ago, I was getting dizzy from the rollercoaster ride of jobs, professional development, building a business, and all sorts of work-life imbalances. Between raising kids, business ventures, football practices, and being an emotional human being, I was barely keeping it together. And even though I don’t have everything figured out today, here’s what I do know. Writing has given this creative a renewed hope in her ability to express herself through the written word again. Using this creative outlet is better than a workout – at least that’s what I tell myself. I love creating relatable content for my readers and helping my clients do the same. Through blogs, workshops, courses, and books, I teach entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and authorpreneurs how to use words to engage with their clients and readers in a way that's meaningful to them. 

HOW do I do what I do?

Through LaFleur Anders & Co., I teach women in heart-centered businesses to embrace holistic creativity and purposeful productivity. I teach skills and share tools for improving their written communication - both personally and in their businesses. There are group coaching programs and events that connect them with like-minded who share the same desire to grow in all areas of their lives. Because of their connections, powerful projects are created and their inspiring impact can be felt by others.

Women are encouraged to give their message a voice either collectively or individually. Their connections may lead to published work and that's where Chestnut Publishing House comes into play. Through Chestnut, we provide consultation to non-fiction authors interested in establishing their author business through self-publishing. We give them the tools they need to establish authority, credibility, and visibility in their area of expertise.


So, first, we teach. Then, we write books. 

Check out my one sheet and then contact me so we can discuss how we can creatively collaborate.


What Are People Saying

IMG_20210817_185328_2-01_2 (1).jpeg

Patrice Hernandez, Author

It has been a joy to partner with K at LaFleur Anders & Co. on the Transitions Anthology. The dedication, communication, and professionalism that she brings to the project are uplifting and inspiring. Ultimately, she made the process of being a first-time author seamlessly easy. It has been my pleasure to learn and grow from and with her during this process. Thank you, K!