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Helping writers make smart decisions about their publishing strategy and positioning them for long-term growth.


Creative Leader.

"I am holding space and creating inspirational escapes through words and experiences for you to create, heal, and grow."

About Me

I am a 5x international best-selling author, founder, and CEO of Chestnut Publishing House, Wellness Coach, and Publishing Consultant who helps writers unlock their potential and bring their words to life using a writing-for-wellness holistic approach. This approach helps writers and other creatives prioritize their well-being to heal, grow, and find their creative flow.

As a writer, you possess an incredible power - the power to ignite emotions, challenge perceptions, and connect with readers on a profound level. But sometimes, even the most brilliant writers need a guiding hand, a supportive voice who will champion their work and see the diamond within the rough. That's where I come in.



Story Masterminds

A story mastermind serves as a space for writers to collaborate, receive feedback, and strengthen their storytelling abilities from the collective intelligence and creative input of a group of industry professionals and peers. 




Workshops gently guide participants through writing prompts and invite them to dig deep, reflect, and uncover the wisdom that resides within them. The power of words goes beyond the page.



Creative Escapes

Offering in-person, offsite and virtual escapes for writers and creatives. With your creative needs, goals, and challenges at the center, we build a one-day or multi-day experience for you to thrive.


Signature  Services

As a trusted partner, a publishing consultant aims to empower authors by informing, advising, and educating them throughout the publishing process. We provide support, encouragement, and practical advice, ensuring that authors have a seamless and fulfilling experience as they bring their literary work into the world. Here's how I can help you.

Join our podcast

The Reset with K. Podcast is an extension of K. LaFleur-Anders' work in the community which focuses on teaching creatives how to maintain a balanced life and to discover their creative formula and flow.

Along with her guests, K. will provide tools, tips, and inspiration that will encourage you to embrace healing and growth while embracing the creative process. All things are connected.

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